Spreading hope, happiness and happy endings.

Your mattress is more than just a place where you sleep. It’s your playground, your workshop, your sanctuary. For us, it’s all about the little (and big) moments that happen on your bed. With this in mind, we’ve crafted a mattress for every part of your life, constructed just for you.

Customize your Tuck

We’re all a little different

Whether you are young or old, short or tall, husky or a beanpole, we want to make a mattress just for you. Each and every one of us is our own person and we should celebrate this individuality. While a mattress might seem like a small metaphor for this idea, at Tuck we feel very strongly about including everyone.

Made with all the right stuff…

We harness the best of both worlds to create the optimal sleep experience. You benefit from the support and bounce of pocketed coils, while also taking advantage of the pressure relief and cooling characteristics of foam and latex.