Rest assured on the eco-conscious Tuck mattress.

While our first goal is to give people their best-ever night of sleep, our second goal is to take care of Mother Earth. From utilizing recycled materials and conserving energy while constructing the mattress, to working to ensure that any returned mattress goes to a person in need instead of into a landfill, we want to leave this planet better than we found it.


Over half of the customized hybrid mattresses at Tuck take advantage of a dual-coil system. The support system of the mattress is composed of a 6” individually fabricencased pocketed coil system. Many of our mattresses also utilize a 1” microcoil system in the comfort layer of the bed. By combining these two coil systems, a king mattress contains well over 2,500 individual coils. Each of these coils is made from 98% recycled steel right here in the United States.


All of our foams are CertiPUR-US certified. This means the foams are constructed without ozone depletors, formaldehyde, and phthalates that are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


The Dunlop latex we utilize is formed with a continuous pour process. With a single pour, multiple sheets of latex are created. This eliminates air bubbles, creates a more consistent product, and uses upwards of 60% less energy than the original Dunlop process where molds are poured one at a time.


We are the first mattress company to use REPREVE® yarn in the creation of our high-quality cover. REPREVE® makes up 37% of the fabric in the cover; this yarn is entirely composed of recycled water bottles. Each of our covers make use of roughly 24 recycled water bottles.


At Tuck, we strive to use both materials and processing techniques that are eco-friendly. Our warehouse has taken several steps to shrink our carbon footprint. This includes water conservation through a converted washer process as well as utilizing a lower temperature solution by changing the water chemistry. We also invested in a lighting retrofit, reducing our energy consumption by over 50%.

Recycled Bottles

Post-consumer bottles


Bottles are washeds and chopped into flake


Bottle flake is melted and formed into chips

REPREVE® Recycled Fibers

Chip is melted and made into yarn