One of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on.

Ryan K.
Seattle, WA

Mia B.


Best sleep I’ve had. Really could not have been better!

Simply the best!

John M.
Palatine, IL

Kate W.


Jill H.



Wendy C.
Gig Harbor, WA

Courtney P. Roy, UT 02/01/2018

Love that grows

We got our tuck mattress a few weeks ago. At first it wasn’t a mind blowing comfort experience. In fact, my husband hated it. Now, we both absolutely LOVE it. We both mostly sleep on our side but sometimes stomach or back. We sleep so sound on the mattress and wake up without hip or back pain now! We have an infant who keeps us up a lot at night and even when she’s up frequently, I don’t feel nearly as exhausted the next day because I was able to get good quality sleep in between her wakings. I highly recommend the Tuck!

Sleeps on side

Darlene N. Lisle, IL 01/16/2018

Best mattress ever!

My husband and I agree that the TUCK is the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on.
We both have arthritic knees and always have had a difficult time finding a comfortable position on our old mattress and not much better on hotel mattresses. On our new TUCK we both get to sleep with no trouble and awake rested with no aches and pains. It's amazing. Thanks!

Sleeps on back

Eric H. Ballwin, MO 01/10/2018

Mattress Review

So far we have been using our mattress approximately 20 Days now and our sleep and comfort much improved. Mattress keeps us both cooler as well which is nice. Our back and muscle pains have been reduced over 65%. We are looking forward to night 45 which will be a good test. I currently give the following ratings:
Ordering, Shipping, Unpacking: 9.5/10
Sleep Temperature: 9.0/10
Off Gassing : 9/10
Comfort: 8.75/10
Support: 8.5/10
Side edge sit support: 7.5/10
Look and quality: 9.0/10

Sleeps on side

Pd W. Saint Louis, MO 01/06/2018

Sleeping with RA

The mattress works fairly well, i still toss & turn do to sholder pain but it is a vast improvement over my former foam mattress.

Sleeps on side

Karen D. San Jose, CA 01/03/2018

Good choice for us both!

We both are very happy with the comfort, support, temperature, and no more joints hurting when we lay on our sides! Highly recommend!

Sleeps on side

Julie B. Cincinnati, OH 12/29/2017

Worth the Investment!

To be honest, initially we were skeptical about buying a mattress online, but after sleeping on it for over a month month, we are very glad we made this purchase. Instead of going to a store, and dealing with a salesman, the questionnaire help us design the perfect mattress for us. The free delivery and simple set-up made it an even easier decision. Our mattress has helped us sleep much better, more soundly, and has us both feeling more rested the next morning!

Sleeps all over the place

Natasha K. Escondido, CA 12/21/2017

Great mattress for a great price!

I had been sleeping on a $4,000 Tempurpedic mattress for the past 6 years. Every morning I was waking up in pain, either my back, my hips, or both. I am 46, female, no health/medical problems, 5'5 125 lbs. I sleep on my side. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, and started researching mattresses. I'm currently unemployed and going to school, so it isn't a good time financially, but the pain was just too much. After many hours of research and watching YouTube reviews, I started to seriously consider these mattress in a box, internet companies. I chose Tuck because of the materials used and the price, i didn't see anything better, in that price range, with the excellent reviews. Another factor was the customization with Tuck, that the other companies didn't offer.
I bought a half plush/half medium queen Tuck mattress for $1000. I have been sleeping on it for a few months now and it is great! It is really soft but supportive at the same time. I truly don't want get out of it in the morning!

Sleeps on side

Kevin C. Seattle, WA 12/20/2017


Side note- When we first got it, we thought it was too firm. I told my wife " just wait, it'll soften up" and it did! I did so much research on every single type of mattress- Casper, Saatva, Sleep Number, none of them had every little aspect I heard about until Tuck. Springs are the way to go. Foam is the way to go. Back and fourth, back and fourth. TUCK IS THE BEST OF ALL OF THEM.

You want to roll over, BOOM, Tuck springs you over without moving your partner. You want to get Jiggy with it- springs galore. Any way I sleep it works perfectly and I'm a heavier guy, 6' 6" 240 lbs, my wife is 115 lbs. She thought it would be too firm. We got the same bed composition overall and we can't complain.



Sleeps on stomach

Dustin Minneapolis, MN 12/14/2017

Better than Bear Mattress

We tried a Bear Mattress first and it was way too firm. The ability to customize and the spring/memory foam combo make the Tuck Mattress an absolute winner . My wife and I sleep totally differently (hot vs cold, side vs back) and both of us absolutely love it.

Sleeps all over the place

Kimberly N. Burbank, CA 12/14/2017

This mattress is the best lover I have ever had

I sleep on my back, I sleep on my tummy, and sometimes my side. I watch TV in bed, and play on my phone. Through it all, this mattress holds up, and comforts me. In fact, I actually flip flop much less since having this mattress. Which is amazing, as I have rolled about a bed since I was just a wee little one.
Recently, I had family stay with me, which as a polite host I offered my quiet room up for a nap after their long drive. I believe they too enjoyed the mattress as they were wondering if they could pack it up and take it home with them. Luckily I have a king mattress and it wouldn't fit into their luggage, or else I do believe I would be shopping for another mattress today. I did pass on the nice little referral code I received after purchasing the mattress, and I believe they are planning on purchasing one of their own after the new year.
You know you have something good when someone else wants to steal it.

Sleeps all over the place