Steve S. AMELIA, OH 11/13/2017

Great Product!

We spend a third of our lives in bed. I should have placed a higher emphasis on my mattress quality. Thankfully, I now have a Tuck. The comfort and custimization combine to make this a truly wonderful mattress!

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Kate W. New York, NY 11/10/2017

A nice mattress that also cares about conservation

I found this company after reading something about how they use recycled water bottles in the mattress. Never heard of such a thing, but I try to eat/shop/live natural, so seemed like a good fit. I had a friend help me carry it up to the second floor of my place, and we had fun getting it set up. I would have given it five stars, but it took nearly a week to ship. I know each mattress is built upon order, but I'm just used to Amazon Prime timing (probably my fault), but I'm sleeping much better with it than my old mattress.

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Artie F. Holmes Beach, FL 11/10/2017

Could it Be any Easier?

Roughly ten years ago I wasted a Saturday with my wife at the mall laying down on probably 30 mattresses, and missing college football. After probably three 'tests' they all blended together for me. Frankly, I dreaded having to go through that process again. This time around, we now all have the option of ordering a mattress online. Wife was a bit hesitant, but the sleep test that Tuck uses allowed us to get what is best for us on each side of the bed, and she was sold. Make no mistake, this thing is heavy, but once set up, we have been sleeping great, and I won't have to miss an important football game again!

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Demetria S. SEATTLE, WA 11/09/2017

Great for couples

I went through a lot of mattresses trying to find something I could share with my husband. Because we're very different sizes, the mattresses I liked best left him with back pain in the morning, while the mattresses he preferred were so firm that I couldn't get to sleep on them. Getting to customize our own sides of the mattress changed the game. Finally, neither of us is waking up aches and pains in the morning.

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Charles R. Minneapolis, MN 11/09/2017

Sweet, sweet dreams made by Tuck

To be fair, my last mattress was $200 and is 8 years old, but the Tuck mattress is soooo much better. Like 10x what I was sleeping on before. Not only am I sleeping better, waking up refreshed and without stiff neck, but anytime I have an "overnight visitor", they never want to leave because they keep saying how fantastic my mattress feels! I'd like to take credit for most of that sentiment, but in reality it's probably my Tuck bed.

Oh, and I really appreciated the support I got when I was trying to build my custom mattress. They were quick to jump on my question and helped make buying a mattress easy. Kudos!

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Cal Springfield, OH 11/09/2017

Go Tuck and never go back

I decided to purchase a Tuck bed in July. Since then, I have had the best sleep of my life and I mean that. Being able to customize a mattress to my needs was a huge plus for me. After consulting my S.O. we decided to go with the blended option. I can't express how great our Tuck has been. We adjusted accordingly and sleep like babies. My favorite feature is the cooling. I run so hot at night and since our Tuck I haven't woken up sweating. You can't go wrong with a mattress built just for you!

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Wendy C. Gig Harbor, WA 07/26/2017

Happy Sleeper.

I replaced a relatively new, expensive, sagging mattress with this one and I have been very impressed. It is very comfortable, supportive and cool. My husband and I no longer roll towards the center and the edge is also very firm. Plus, it was very entertaining to watch it expand from the packaging into a queen bed. AMAZING!

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Stevi P. Bellevue, WA 07/13/2017

Life Changing!

Great support yet plush. There is no rolling side to side to find a cozy comfy spot - it’s just all evenly-dispersed goodness. Other mattresses left me feeling strained or unsupported. Now I have total body relief. This mattress has changed the way I feel when I wake up. I fall asleep immediately and wake up well-rested and refreshed. Best sleep of my life!

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Laurie G. Morton Grove, IL 07/12/2017

Who knew you could order a mattress online?

I was at my daughter’s home taking care of my Grandsons for several days and experienced a "Tuck" mattress.
I asked my daughter what brand of mattress I was sleeping on and where could I purchase it? She told me it was a Tuck mattress and it comes in a box directly to your house.
I am in my 60’s and old school about trying out a mattress in a store but NO MORE!
I can’t say enough about this mattress. I usually wake up several times a night and have a hard time getting comfortable and falling back to sleep.
I slept through the night and got up without the usual sore back and stiff muscles.

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Katarina K. Price Hill, OH 07/11/2017

Simply a great night of sleep

My husband and I had a great sleep on this mattress in my sister’s guest room. It was extremely comfortable, with the right amount of firmness, and we didn’t wake up once. I’m counting the minutes until ours arrives.

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