Kathy B. Nashville, TN 07/06/2017

This bed came in a box?

The new mattress in my daughter’s guest room was great! We felt strong support from the memory coil system, yet it was comfortable and not too soft. My husband’s bad back and knees felt good both mornings we woke up at their house! We will be customizing our own this week.

Sleeps on back

Ryan K. Seattle, WA 07/05/2017

Could this bed be magic?

This mattress was one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on. Normally, getting out of bed is a chore for me since I am so groggy in the mornings. After sleeping on this, I feel energized and ready to start my days. Even, after a night on the town I woke up feeling amazing. Does this bed cure hangovers? Who knows! But I like to think so…

Sleeps on stomach

Allie P. Chicago, IL 07/03/2017

No Smelly Mattress Delivery People Needed

I always questioned a mattress that comes in a box. When a friend highly recommended I try Tuck vs. other companies like Casper, I figured I’d give it a shot. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! The mattress arrived exactly when it said it would. Setup couldn’t have been easier- especially living in a condo in the city. The last mattress I bought from a store the delivery people arrived two hours late, brought the wrong sized box spring and broke a picture while bringing it into the condo. This process was SO much easier! My husband and I both love how comfortable it is and the quality couldn’t be better! We will be ordering another one for our guest room.

Sleeps on side

Mark Z. Valparaiso, IN 07/01/2017


If you’re an individual like me who is dealing with a sacroiliac joint issues, this mattress is very conducive to dealing with this condition. The firmness of this mattress allows one of full night sleep.

Sleeps on side