Why customize?

The key to great sleep is rather simple - it’s all about maintaining proper spinal alignment. However, getting to that proper spinal alignment can be a bit tricky. We all have different makeups, but for some reason we’re all expected to fit into the same mattress -frankly, this is physically impossible.

That’s where we come in. We’ve spent the last three years meeting with every sleep expert we could find. We started with mattress salesmen but quickly realized they were no help. Instead, we needed to speak with actual sleep scientists. It was here we discovered that offering a ‘one size fits all’ type of mattress would be doing a serious disservice to our customers. We then spent countless hours trying to understand the personal variables that dictate how each individual achieves proper spinal alignment. The next step was to reach out to bedding supply manufacturers, and we were fortunate enough to be able to partner with the best in the industry. Through all of this, we concluded that variations of a hybrid mattress, utilizing both pocketed coils and memory foam, would bring us closer to our goal of matching each person to their perfect mattress, regardless of one’s body composition. After testing hundreds of mattress concoctions we knew we were onto something.

We took this enormous amount of data and sat in a room with a couple of math professors to determine exactly how we could fit each person into the proper mattress. Through an astounding amount of trial and error, an algorithm was developed; this is now utilized in our Sleep Test. The final result of all this hard work is a mattress that will give you the night of sleep you’ve been dreaming about since you were a baby.

The perfect mattress for every person

Some people choose to wear sunglasses at night, and while we don’t quite understand that we’re still big fans of the “to each their own” mantra. The same can be said for your mattress. We all have peculiarities, and our specially formulated algorithm will ensure that your mattress is built perfectly for you - quirks and all.

Why go hybrid

From putting on your socks to making sweet love, our hybrid mattress is ideal. A consistent sleep surface means no ‘roll off’, so you can sleep well absolutely anywhere on the mattress.

What’s your bedtime like?

Everyone has different preferences. Some of us like to have the windows open in February, while others burrow under 12 blankets every night. We want to design a mattress just for you that meets all of your unique preferences. This is done using our five special criteria, as outlined below.


How well the mattress presses back against you to maintain an optimal spinal alignment. Body size and type are key to designing the proper support in your mattress. (Understanding your exact makeup will allow us to create a customized mattress with specialized support to achieve the goal of perfect spinal alignment, which means a great night of sleep.)


How soft or firm a mattress feels at the top, closest to your body. Feel is distinct from support. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being quicksand and 10 being concrete, how firm do you like your bed? Keep in mind that 80% of sleepers prefer a 6-7 on the firmness scale. Personally, we’re a 7!

Motion Isolation

How effective a mattress is at confining the movements of a sleeper. Motion isolation is key for couples, allowing your bed to absorb the bumps and wobbles caused by a partner’s tossing and turning.


The degree to which cooling elements are needed in a mattress to meet the preferences of a sleeper. Do you prefer to sleep in far too little clothing, with a fan on and the window open? Or are you someone who is always freezing? Everyone is different.